Western Mail, 19th August 2008
We ask the women of Wales which prize possessions they treasure most. This week: Eimear Kane, 25, from Roath, Cardiff; trainee solicitor, Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice

• A good friend bought me the book The Wild Swans by Jung Chang, as a birthday present and I’ve read it on several occasions since. It’s a true story about three generations of women living in China during the 20th century throughout the civil war and emergence of the communist movement. It’s a great read and always brings a tear to my eye.

• I received a ring after my grandmother Bridget died when I was 11. She’d bought it on holiday. We were very close and it’s a lovely reminder of her. I really appreciate having such an unusual ring which is of great sentimental value to me.

• My taste in music is quite varied and the invention of the I-Pod was fantastic for me as it would be impossible to get a mix of the songs I like on a compilation album. I listen to a lot of music from the ‘60s and ‘80’s and really enjoy movie soundtracks and traditional Irish folk music.

• I moved to Cardiff from Northern Ireland earlier this year to work as a trainee solicitor and I love the city and have settled here very well. I still regularly fly back to see my friends and family at holidays and they often visit me here. I’m also a keen traveller and have been around Europe and North America. I’m going to Berlin and Prague this summer and it’s an ambition to visit Australia at some point in the future, so I wouldn’t be without planes.

• I’m only five foot two and love the boost I get from a pair of high heels. I rarely leave the house in flats. I’m sure my back will pay for it at some point but for now I’m happy to continue my addiction to my stilettos!