Prenup and Postnup Cardiff

A well-established practice in the United States, the pre and post nuptial agreement known as ‘prenup’ or ‘postnup’ has become more popular in the UK in recent years. It has also given rise to the post-nuptial agreement. As a progressive family law firm, Our office in Cardiff was one of the first firms in Wales to specialise in pre-nuptial (prenup), post-nuptial (postnup) and living together agreements.

Prenup and Postnup Cardiff

How pre and post-nuptial agreements work

Pre-nuptial (prenup) agreements are entered into by couples before they get married, setting out how their assets should be divided should they separate. Some married couples now like to make similar arrangements, and even though their relationship is healthy they sign an agreement to avoid future uncertainty should they split up.

Although pre-nuptial (prenup) and post-nuptial (postnup) agreements are not strictly enforceable in England and Wales, they are often taken into consideration and may be given decisive weight in divorce proceedings, unless the agreement is unfair. In 2014, the Law Commission recommended that pre-nuptial (prenup) agreements be made fully binding . It remains up to Parliament to create a law to do this.

Is a pre-nuptial agreement right for you?

We are often asked whether a pre-nuptial (prenup) agreement is appropriate, and the answer will very much depend on your circumstances. Pre-nuptial (prenup) agreements are not for everyone, but should be considered if there is a particular financial imbalance between the partners. Some couples find them unromantic, others will use a pre-nuptial (prenup) agreement to show that their marriage is about love and not money. We will only ever advise on what is best in your particular situation, but the decision will be up to you.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements Cardiff

Next Steps

Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice has many years of experience in drafting pre-nuptial (prenup) and post-nuptial agreements (postnup). Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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