It’s just been announced that the next series will be the Desperate Housewives’ last hurrah. So, asks WM, will you be tuning in for the final farewell? NO, says Sophie Jardine, 28, solicitor at Wendy Hopkins Family Law, from Cardiff

“Where do I start with pinpointing how ridiculous this once watchable show has become?

There have been so many laughable, turn off the TV moments, that I no longer recognise my once favourite thing on the box.

I think the real jump the shark moment was the plane crash – into a barbecue!

I’d been following the affair storyline that led up to it patiently and looking forward to what would happen when the couple were found out, only for one of them to die instead. End of the intrigue.

Every single person on this show has had numerous traumas so that plotlines we all once managed to identify with disappeared as quickly as talk of Gabrielle’s baby.

Eva Longoria’s character had her baby switched at birth, and she was so distraught she took solace in a china doll.

Then weeks later and no-one’s even talking about it anymore, as the cast has moved on to some either meaningless plot.

What I began to hate was the way genuinely good storylines were roughshod over by some aimless distraction in a bid for ratings.

The pleasure of watching a story unfold went in favour of these silly little dramas, and murders so frequent we stopped noticing.

It also bugged me how they kept up with the voice of Mary Alice.

Viewers will know she was the never-seen housewife who had killed herself and kept a secret – she served as a narrator from the very first episode, tying up moral lessons of the friends she watched over at the end of every episode.

Yet when her secret came out, and nobody was talking about her anymore, her voice remained! Absurd.

The first three series were great, then there was a break and when it came back it was like a totally different show.

Everything was exaggerated, and then came that plane crash.

As if there wasn’t enough drama on screen, it was going on behind the scenes too.

Nicolette Sheridan’s high-profile lawsuit against the show’s creator told me enough was enough – the whole thing was past its sell-by-date.

So it’s no surprise to me that the next series will be the last.

Everything bugs me about the show now, from the pointless inclusion of Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams, to the fact it’s lost its mystery.

What kept me interested was that one secret which would be revealed so tantalisingly at the end of a series – now that’s gone it’s lost its focus. It really has become desperate and it’s lost a fan in me.”