For the past 2 years, we have taken immense pride in supporting Llamau as our charity partner. The time has now come to select a new charity for 2023, so we thought we would discuss our involvement with Llamau and shine a spotlight on their great work.

Who are Llamau and what do they do?

Llamau is a Welsh charity that are on a mission to “eradicate homelessness for young people and vulnerable women”. They are working towards this goal in various ways; offering accommodation for the homeless, refuge for victims of domestic violence, mental health support and assistance in gaining employment, to name a few. To date, a staggering 67,000+ people have received support from Llamau.

What have we done to help?

As a Firm, we have been committed to supporting Llamau. Some of our fundraising activity has included: running the Caerphilly 10k, taking part in Llamau’s ‘Brace the Brecons’ walk, hosting a 6-round bake-off with independent judges and sleeping at our offices in support of Llamau’s ‘Sleep Out 2021’ campaign.

Our legal clinic

In October, our Bethan Tapper (Solicitor) set up a legal clinic at Llamau’s office in Caerphilly. Each month, Bethan, along with Gabriella Evans and Fay Jones (Solicitors), provide free legal advice to vulnerable people, who would otherwise have no means of obtaining it. Since the legal clinic began, our solicitors have provided advice relating to obtaining Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders, their rights upon separation, whether they were married or cohabiting and the arrangements for their children.

Despite us working with a new charity in 2023, we plan to continue with our Llamau legal clinic.

Bethan Tapper commented: “I find it extremely rewarding to provide people with support and advice during difficult times in their lives. On one occasion, it was very rewarding to provide a woman, who had separated from her partner, with advice that she may have an interest in the property which is owned by her former partner. Had she not attended the legal clinic, she may never have been advised of this. During such a difficult time, this came as a great relief to her and ultimately, her children, who were homeless.”

You can find out more about Llamau, their fantastic cause and how you can make an impact, here: