At Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice, our chosen charity of the year is Llamau, the leading homelessness charity in Wales, supporting the most vulnerable young people and women. The charity is known for working with people who have experienced domestic abuse.

Those that seek the support of Llamau are often in vulnerable situations and require legal advice relating to obtaining Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders, their rights upon separation, whether they were married or cohabiting and the arrangements for their children. They may, however, have no idea where to start in obtaining that legal advice.

Whilst we, at Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice regularly raise funds for Llamau, I wanted to help the people seeking support from the charity by providing them with legal advice. I have, therefore, set up a monthly legal clinic with Llamau. Those who need legal advice are able to drop in to Llamau and discuss their issues with myself, Gabriella Evans and Fay Jones.

I find it extremely rewarding to provide people with support and advice during difficult times in their lives. On one occasion, it was very rewarding to provide a woman, who had separated from her partner, with advice that she may have an interest in the property which is owned by her former partner. Had she not attended the legal clinic, she may never have been advised of this. During such a difficult time, this came as a great relief to her and ultimately, her children, who were homeless.

Setting up the legal clinic has been an amazing experience for me. I have been able to support Llamau through fundraising and also directly, by providing those who are in need of help with support and clarity.

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Author: Bethan Tapper
Bethan Tapper
Published: 11/11/22