Almost on a daily basis, Pakistani dramas are exploring different issues relating to marriage and Shariah Law. The dramas grip the audience with their interesting storylines and, at the same time, help raise awareness of important Shariah issues. This is a great turn towards the development of drama in Pakistan as the audience is left both entertained and educated in relation to issues such as methods of Talaq, Polygamy, the concept of Nikah Halalah and the legal status of children from a previous marriage. So, if you want to be both entertained and educated then tuning into Hum Tv in your spare time is sure to keep you satisfied.

Sometimes, as with all things, separating the facts from fiction can be a difficult issue. British Muslims will be familiar with these things but relying on television for advice when you’re experiencing actual family breakdowns is not advisable. I have been approved by the Shariah Council to advise couples on issues relating to Shariah Law. If you need any further help please get in touch.

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