Everything evolves and nothing stays still for too long.  This certainly applies to Family Law and as solicitors, we are acutely aware of our client’s requirements.

As Family Lawyers we have sought to reach an outcome which suits our clients – that has always been our goal.  That could be achieved through conducting litigation in certain cases and/or through one of the many Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes.

We are very aware though that the way that clients want to get to that goal is changing, with an increasing choice of options and our understanding of what clients want and need has evolved.  We are embracing new models and ways of working in the litigation and dispute resolution context.

Our clients’ emotional needs and our understanding of the psychological process of the divorce underpin our way of working.


We will discuss the process with you and seek to avoid potential pitfalls of this being too prescriptive or taking too long.

We understand that many clients want and deserve a bespoke wraparound service when seeking advice on relationship breakdown.

We look to work in dispute resolution ways in our everyday practice and seek to use mediation skills whether mediating or not.

Jargon Busting

It is understood that there are a number of processes on offer which are confusing for clients and that the message needs to be clarified.

We are able to talk about ADR and the options available whether this is Mediation, Private FDRs, Collaborative Law or Arbitration.  We can then refer clients to the right person for help and advice.


We can advise clients as to the benefits and disadvantages of Financial Dispute Resolution Hearings at Court, Private FDR Hearings and neutral evaluations within litigation but outside of the court building and the method behind choosing your Arbitrators and private Judges.

Complementary Professionals – Involve the Experts Early On

We are very aware of the need to involve complementary professionals at an early stage to include Accountants who undertake business valuations and Financial Planners.

Therefore, the wider professional services needed by our divorcing and separating clients can be delivered in a connected process with experts being brought in at an early stage.  The need for emotional support, expert valuation advice and financial planning advice doesn’t start and end once a deal has been brokered.

A good deal means not only one that is the right financial outcome but one in which both parties have trust.  We will ensure that this is future-proofed and reality-tested well before the Court is asked to ratify this.

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Author: David James

David James

Published: 04.07.22