A Typical Week of a Paralegal 

As a Paralegal at Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice, I assist all of the solicitors at the firm in both matrimonial and children matters. A typical week of a Paralegal includes but is not limited to; drafting legal documents, informing clients of any progression in their case, liaising with other parties and third parties, undertaking research, and attending Court.

Every week is different, for instance, sometimes I am in Court for the majority of the week and other weeks I do not attend Court at all. When I attend Court, I accompany the client and a Barrister, who will conduct the advocacy. My responsibility is to take a full note of any discussions, negotiations, and the hearing itself. I am also present to provide that extra support to the client, who may never have stepped foot inside a Court before, which is understandably daunting.

What I Enjoy

I enjoy all aspects of my role however, what I look forward to the most is meeting with clients in person, whether that be at a client meeting, at a conference or when attending Court. It is sometimes the case that I do not see clients face to face as a lot of our work can be carried out remotely these days. Although this has its benefits, for me, it is always great to have that in-person interaction with clients.

As a Paralegal, I often attend networking events. These events allow for the opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded individuals and professionals, who often provide services we utilise regularly. For example, in Financial Remedy Proceedings, we are usually required to instruct experts to value properties, businesses and other assets or to provide reports on pensions or capital gains tax. Networking allows me to meet such individuals. As a Paralegal, my goal is to qualify as a Solicitor, it is therefore vital to establish such connections at this early stage of my legal career and networking facilitates this in an enjoyable way.

A week in the life of a Paralegal is certainly rewarding, there is no better feeling than walking out of Court with a happy client, knowing that our team has achieved the best outcome for them. In this role, you really feel like you are making a difference and it is that feeling that keeps me motivated.

What I Have Learnt as a Paralegal

When they say you learn something new every day, that is definitely true as a Paralegal. The work I undertake is so varied, which in turn leads to numerous opportunities to learn and develop. As a Paralegal, I work closely with the solicitors of the firm, enabling me to pick up skills and expand my knowledge every day.

I would say the most important thing that I have learnt as a Paralegal is that communication is key. This includes communication with colleagues, clients, opposing solicitors, barristers and pretty much anyone else involved in a case. Effective communication allows for deadlines to be met, negotiations to take place and agreements to be made, all in all, allowing the case run to as smoothly as possible which is of course paramount.

Overall, a week in the life of a Paralegal is diverse, busy and fulfilling.

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Author: Caitlin Evans