We understand that contemplating the end of a marriage or going through a divorce can be a painful and confusing process.

As Wales' first and largest specialist family law firm, we have the necessary experience and expertise to help our clients through this difficult time with the best possible advice and support.


The one ground for divorce in England and Wales is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

This is proved on the basis of one of five possible facts, including unreasonable behaviour, adultery, and a period of at least two years separation.

The UK does not have an American-style "no fault" divorce system, and it is always necessary for one spouse to take action to divorce the other.  This is done by filing a document called a divorce petition.  We will talk you through every step of this process, and if you decide you want to petition for divorce, we can draft this document for you.

The divorce petition is filed with the court and then served on the other spouse, who has the opportunity to respond.  If the petition is not contested, the petitioner then applies for the Decree Nisi (the "halfway stage" of divorce) to be pronounced by the court.  Again, we will handle this application for you.

The court will grant the Decree Nisi if they are satisfied that the petitioner has proved their case.

Six weeks and one day after the Decree Nisi has been pronounced, the petitioner can apply for the Decree Absolute, which is the final decree and which replaces the marriage certificate.  Once Decree Absolute is pronounced, the marriage is officially ended.

If the petitioner does not wish to apply for Decree Absolute at that stage, the other spouse (the Respondent) can apply for it instead after three more months have passed.  We can deal with all the necessary applications on your behalf, but we will always work at your pace - we will never proceed with any action if you are not comfortable with us doing so.



We recognise everyone is different, and that what is appropriate for one person may not be right for someone else.  We will be able to give you full, confidential advice on all of your options, and the next steps which are available to you in your particular situation.

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