Administration of Estates

At Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice, we have a broad range of experience in dealing with the administration of an estate.

We understand that when we are engaged on a probate matter, it is because everyone involved needs the peace of mind that comes with knowing we will provide a safe, honest, professional service.

Our expert team of specialist lawyers is able to deal with all probate and intestacy matters, handling all aspects of the administration of the estate.

This includes liaising with asset holders, obtaining Grants from the Probate Registry, encashing the assets to include the sale and transfer of the deceased’s property, and attending to distribution to the beneficiaries and the preparation of the estate accounts.

We will also advise on any tax issues, and take action to minimise liability - including liaising with HM Revenue & Customs regarding Inheritance Tax and income tax, and handling any post death variations.

To find out more about our probate and intestacy services, or about any of the issues raised on this page, please call us on (029) 2034 2233, e-mail, or use the form below to request a call or e-mail.  You will not be charged for this enquiry and there is no obligation to book an appointment.

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