Court of Protection

Where an elderly person is no longer capable of managing their own affairs, but has not previously signed a Power of Attorney, this can present severe difficulties both for the person concerned and for those who care for them.

At Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice, our dedicated team of specialist lawyers can advise on applying for and exercising the necessary scheme for a deputy to be appointed by the Court of Protection.

We have considerable experience in dealing with these matters in a professional and sensitive manner.  Dianne Evans has acted as Court of Protection deputy for many clients, the overwhelming majority of which were dealt with under the "light touch" provisions, indicating we are trusted by the courts to act responsibly and correctly when making decisions on a patient's behalf.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues surrounding Court of Protection matters, please call us on (029) 2034 2233, e-mail, or request a call or e-mail below.  There is no charge for this enquiry and no obligation to book an appointment.

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