Contact for Grandparents

The law concerning the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren is a complex and difficult subject.

Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice understands the issues involved.  Whether you are a grandparent looking to have more contact with your grandchild after their parents' relationship has ended, or whether you simply wish to put contact arrangements on a more secure legal footing, our dedicated team of expert lawyers will give you the advice you need and guide you through the options that are available to you.

We recognise that every case is different, and so there is no one answer to what may seem like simple questions.  It may be possible to resolve your case through mediation or with a few letters, or it may be necessary to involve the courts.  Either way, we will give you the best possible advice based on your individual circumstances.

For more information on these issues, or to book an appointment to discuss your children matter, please call us on (029) 2034 2233, e-mail, or use the form below to request a call or e-mail.  You will not be charged for this enquiry, and there is no obligation to book an appointment.

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