Private Children Law

Any issues and disputes of a non-financial nature concerning children are classed as private law proceedings.  These include arguments over residence (often referred to in the media as "custody"), contact (often called "access"), and grandparents' rights.

Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice has one of the largest teams of expert specialist lawyers in Wales dealing with private law children matters.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or other concerned individual, we can help provide the advice you need, sensibly and sensitively, in a timely and professional manner.



Wherever possible, we encourage people to resolve their disputes outside of the courts. This is usually considered to be best for the children.

If issues cannot be resolved without the court becoming involved, then we can assist with any applications to the court which may need to be made. 

A number of court orders can be applied for, covering matters such as with whom the child should live; when a child should see another person; whether someone should be prevented from taking certain steps in relation to a child; and any issues relating to major decisions in a child’s life.

If court proceedings are necessary, an application is filed at court. One to two months later there is a short court appointment, normally with an in-court mediator.  We will always do our best to reach an agreement and conclude the matter by the time we reach this stage.

If no agreement can be made, this leads to a CAFCASS Officer Report. CAFCASS Officers are skilled in children matters, and represent the eyes and the ears of the Judge. They interview all relevant parties and prepare a report based on their findings, normally taking three to four months. After the Report, all parties attend Court to consider it and see if an agreement can be reached. If there is no agreement the matter is listed for determination by a Judge who will look at all relevant facts including the wishes and feelings of the children.



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