Arts & Business Cymru Bulletin, Autumn 2011

Introducing Rhian Howells, Partner, Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice LLP. The company joined Arts & Business Cymru in 2008

What arts event did you last attend?

The CultureStep Reception at the National Museum in Cardiff. An amazing venue for this sort of event, set amongst some national treasures. I stood next to Renoir’s “La Parisienne” – the famous “Blue Lady” painting.

Why does your company work with the arts?

The staff here are very interested in the arts – out of all the networking events our lawyers and support staff attend, the best ones are always the events where we get to meet representatives from all the different strands of the arts. It’s an opportunity to make connections you wouldn’t otherwise be able to make, and it helps broaden our horizons.

How does Arts & Business help you do this?

By staging well-organised networking events that help us make these new connections. Through Arts & Business Cymru, we’ve been put in touch with so many really interesting people, and it’s been fascinating getting a flavour of what they do (and giving them a better understanding of what we do). The events at the Senedd are always very popular with our solicitors.

What unexpected benefits has working with the arts brought you?

I try to get as involved as I can with supporting the arts. As part of the Arts & Business Cymru Board Bank scheme, I have been appointed to the board of Welsh Sinfonia, a Cardiff-based professional chamber orchestra conducted by Mark Eager and led by Robin Stowell. The commitment, drive and enthusiasm of both the performers and the board never ceases to inspire me. My involvement with the arts has given me the opportunity to see things from a very different perspective to that of the corporate world.

Published 07/05/11