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Separation FAQ

Q. My partner and I are splitting up, but we're not married.  What happens now?

If you have no children and you do not own any property, then there is no legal relationship between you and you are both free to move on.  You would be encouraged to resolve any issues over things like outstanding utility bills, credit card debts, personal belongings etc. between you without resorting to lawyers.  However, if a serious dispute does arise, we can try and help you deal with the situation as best we can.

Q. We bought a house together, but now we've broken up - what happens to the house?

If you are not married, and have never been engaged, then your entitlement to the property you live in will depend on how the property is held in law, and whether or not you have made any significant contribution to the property.

The black and white version is that you either own your house or you don’t. Real life is rarely black and white and there are of course several shades of grey, because each individual case will be different. There is unfortunately no “one size fits all” answer that will be right for everyone.

We can explain all this in more detail - if you are unsure about how you legally hold your property, and you would like to get some advice, then please give us a call on (029) 2034 2233, e-mail, or use the form below to request a call or e-mail from us.

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